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Oracle Database 19c Supported OS and versions


The latest version of Oracle Database (Oracle Database) at the moment is 19c
I will summarize the operating OS

Oracle Database 19c Supported OS (Operating Systems)

Supported OS Memo
Oracle Linux 7.4 or later
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 or later
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP3 or later
Oracle Solaris 11.4 or later
Windows Server 2019 Server Core is non-supported
Windows Server 2016 Server Core is non-supported
Windows Server 2012 R2 Server Core is non-supported
Windows 10 64-bit RAC is non-supported
Windows 8.1 64-bit RAC is non-supported
AIX 7.1 TL5 SP1 or later、AIX 7.2 TL2 SP1 or later
  • You have to check My Oracle Support for accurate information

How to check Oracle Database supported OS and versions

If you have a MOS account, search for it from the Certification tab after logging in to MOS.


Input following then click [ search ]

  • [ Product : Oracle Database ] , [ Release : ] , [ Platform : Any ]


You can check by selecting "Operating System" from the search results in

Generally, MOS is accurate is Oracle's stance, so you have to try to check with MOS (my oracle support) as much as possible.

If you do not have a MOS account, check with an engineer with a MOS account or a partner company that owns an Oracle product.
I think the information on MOS is very accurate and easy to read.
The disadvantage of MOS is that it has too much information and is difficult to search.
However, it is MOS that you can find the necessary information by searching.
Try to get along with MOS.

In the past, the strength of the Oracle database was to run on various operating systems. Oracle Database runs on any operating system such as AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Windows, or Linux, so even if there are various application execution environments, Oracle Database engineers can secure a place to store data. That was the great thing about the Oracle database.

Now things have changed a bit, and the Oracle database is being developed around Windows and in-house Oracle Linux. Oracle Linux is used by companies that need high-performance environments such as Exadata. I think there is a growing pattern of small to medium enterprises with Windows and large enterprises with Oracle Linux.

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