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How to install Windows Server 2019 to Windows 10 (Windows10 VirtualBox)

This article will describe installing Windows Server 2019.
Windows Server 2019 uses an evaluation version. (Please note that photos etc. may be different from the actual product version because they are evaluation version screens) 



How to install Windows Server 2019

Boot the machine with the Windows Server 2019 installation ISO image and wait for a while.

Then Select Languege setting, then clic [Next]. 

  • Language to install : English (United States )
  • Time and currency format : English ( United States )
  • Keyboard or input method : US



 Click [install now]



Select your install Edition and click [next] 



Select [ Custom: Install Windows only (advanced) ]



Select [ Drive 0 ] and click [ next ]  



 Wait for finish installation (once or twice auto reboot required)



Windows Server 2019 Install Settings ( Afte reboot )

After reboot, HW installation automatically start 



 Input "local Administrator" Password here and click [ Finish ]



Finally windows Sign-In screen is shown, you can Sign-in "local Administrator" with your "Password".  



Windows Server 2019 initial setting

Disable firewall 

Select [ Server Mnaager ] -> [ Tools ] -> [ Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security] 



 In Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security window
Click [ Winows Defender Firewall Properties ]
And set [ Firewall State ] to [ Off ] in following tabs

  • Domain Profile
  • Private Profile
  • Public Profile 



 Remote Desktop

In [ Server Manager ] , Select  [ Local Server ] -> Remote Desktop
And set [ Allow remote connections to this computer ] to ON and [ Allow connection only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication (recommended) ] to OFF



You should check Microsoft Products End of Date support will end in 2019 and 2020.


Check support end of date Windows 10 1903.


This article is about Windows Server Backup (Windows Server 2019).