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(with Pictures) How to download CentOS 8 (how to get CentOS8 ISO image)


* CentOS8 was released on September 24, 2019.

Finally, CentOS8 was released.  
Let's download immediately.  



How to download CentOS8 ISO image

Access CentOS download site

CentOS Project


In addition, select the media you want to download.

  • DVD ISO (full image)
  • Minimal ISO (ISO image of the smallest package. Smallest size)
  • Torrent file (Files available with Torrent client software)


Then, the download mirror site will be displayed.  
The URL of the country closest to the current location (inside Japan URL was shown, if you are in Japan) is given priority and displayed at the top, so basically clicking on the URL displayed above will start downloading.   


Downloading on Chrome. 6.6GB


The downloaded ISO file is as follows