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Oracle Database 20c release information (up to date information)


Oracle Database 20c release information finally announced.
Although it is only displayed as "CY2020 (Calendar Year 2020)", it will be "I will announce it within 2020" ...

Oracle Database 20c Release Date List

products release date (GA) memo
Oracle Database Appliance CY2020 Oracle Linux
Exadata CY2020 Oracle Linux
Supercluster CY2020
Linux x86-64 CY2020 64bit OS only
Oracle Solaris SPARC (64-bit)v CY2020
Oracle Solaris x86-64 (64-bit) v
Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit)v CY2020
HP-UX Itanium CY2020
IBM AIX on POWER Systems CY2020
IBM Linux on System z CY2020

There are no plans to announce other platforms.
For example, 32bit Linux is not on the above list, but it seems that you can judge that there is no release plan for Oracle Database 20c

It's important to note that the release date depends on the corresponding platform.
Even if Oracle Database 20c is released, it can not be used immediately on Windows.
For example, in the case of 19c, it will first be available on Exadata, it will be available on Linux x86-64, and other supported platforms will increase steadily.

how to confirm official information

You can check official information at MOS (My Oracle Support)

  • Mos Document「Release Schedule of Current Database Releases(742060.1)」

The above article lists Oracle Database product release information.
Please note that you will need an Oracle account (access to My Oracle Support).
You need a valid maintenance account and equivalent permissions.

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