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About Golden Projects in China

I heard that there is a Golden Project in China, so it is a simple reminder memo.


What is Golden Projects in China (what is 12th Golden Projects)

In China, there are many national projects led by the People's Republic of China government.
One of the biggest projects in chine for the electronic (E-Goverment) of government, finance and other operations, is called the Golden Project.
In addition, since the Golden Projects is a general term for projects spanning 12 fields, it is also known as the 12th golden processes .

List of projects in the Golden Projects in China

Project name in Chinese Project name memo
金橋 The Golden Bridge Project Public Economic Information: Commercial Internet Services
金卡 The Golden Card Project Electronic money: Banks and credit cards and their network systems
金関 The Golden Custom Project also known as Golden Gate Project Foreign trade: Promotion of paperless transactions through tax-related EDI systems
金財 The Golden Finance Project Financial Management: Financial Management System
金農 Agricultural information
金税 The Golden Tax Project Tax Revenue: Tax Management System
金水 Irrigation information
金質 The Golden Macro Project Mass supervision: information sharing and decision-making systems between governments
金盾 The Golden Shield Project Information management system (censorship, etc.)

The Golden Shield is called Great Firewall.
Great Firewall in China is not only the biggest firewall in China, but also it is the biggest firewall all over the world.
You know it's not an exaggeration to say that it's the best security in the world, but it's a national project run by the state.
Needless to say it is the world's largest firewall for service.

Its protection area is also the largest.
In the United States, government and military agencies are protected, but citizens or private companies needs each firewall in their own.
On the other hand, the protection target of China's Golden Shield (Great Firewall) includes all citizens and private companies.
It is the world's largest security system with a security system that covers all 1.3 million artificial people.

However, Golden Shield refers to the Internet censorship system.
In China, there is an Internet censorship system that prevents people from viewing information that is inconvenient for the CCP or the government.
It's a great word for a system, but its intent is questionable.

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