Describe about product life cycle. For example, Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, etc.

Tokyo Jazug Night 23rd

Azure User Group events

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A story about the release of an in-house event support platform using AKS-CI / CD implementation methods and difficult stories before release-

People in Saison Information Systems Co., Ltd.

The story of a system called Gregorio

  • A system to remember when and what events and study sessions are held
  • You can do everything from event application & calendar registration & questionnaire collection
  • Designed using a design process
    UX design when creating a site
    You can create a user persona and share the target users and demographics, so the policy is consistent
    Create a customer journey map based on Pessona and focus on areas where emotions are depressed (negative)

AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service)

  • I just wanted to use AKS (K8S)
  • System overview
    Production and development (staging) are used separately
    AzureAD authentication (I use O365)
    Persistent area is MSSQL and Blob (image etc.)
    ExpressRoute from inside the company
    Employee master DB (on-premise) linked to Azure with DataSipder
  • Code with Azure ARM Template (JSON)
  • Health check points (to return to manifest)
  • Register to O365 calendar with Graph API
  • Be careful when AKS cluster node fails In case of single Pod, monitoring interval of master node stops for 5 minutes Note that AKS is a managed service, so you cannot change the master node settings


  • Large-scale, if SLAs are required, k8s dedicated team is required
    Ver UP is also very difficult, it is necessary to continue to bear the new Ver
  • It might be nice to see K8s for the first time from the in-house system

My Ignite Update Summary 2019

Japan Azure User Group Ashikaga

There were so many, so just write a part

  • Azure Arc
  • Azure Synapse Alalytics
    Next generation SQL Data Warehouse (DWH & BigData & Data Integration)
    Structured data, unstructured data
  • Virtual Machine
    Gen2 VM GA
  • Azure Shared Disks
    Disk (Block), DB Cluter, Container Statefull area that can be mounted by multiple VMs, etc.
  • VPN AzureAD + MFA support planned
  • Azure Peering Service
    In addition to ExpressRoute, Site-to-Site VPN, for those who want to connect branch offices directly to SaaS
  • ExpressRoute for Satellites (connected via satellite) offshore, desert, etc.
  • Azure Virtual WAN-What can create a virtual WAN
  • AzureAD
    You can use MFA even in the free version (Authenticator app only). Until now, only administrators can be used for other accounts Federation or AzureAD Connect is no longer required when using on-pre AD & Azure AD simultaneously

Ignite Participation Report & Souvenir Janken Tournament

Japan Azure User Group Ago, Ashikaga

  • Watch the Ignite 2019 Key Note session
  • Let's participate in Ignite Tour Tokyo 12 / 5,6
  • See below for local report