Describe about product life cycle. For example, Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, etc.

How dow I check vSphere ESXi Support End Date (Product Lifecycle)


I want to use ESXi once introduced for as long as possible, but I want to operate it with an upgraded version with guaranteed operation.

If you are operating in a virtualized environment, naturally. It is very important that the running hypervisor ESXi support has not ended

Current support end of date

By the way, as of July 2018, it is as follows

vSphere version release date "General Support" end date "Technical Guide" end date
5.0 8-24-2011 8-24-2016 8-24-2018
5.0 8-24-2011 8-24-2016 8-24-2018
5.5 9-19-2013 9-19-2018 9-19-2020
6.0 3-12-2015 3-12-2020 3-12-2022
6.5 11-15-2016 11-15-2021 11-15-2013
6.7 4-7-2018 11-15-2021 11-15-2013

When operating ESXi that is out of operation guarantee, there is a possibility that manufacturer support cannot be received in case of trouble. Of course, the hypervisor's bug is not fixed, and even if a security hole is found, it will not be dealt with. It is necessary to operate software with such disadvantages in order to operate software that is out of operation guarantee

If it is a virtual environment used for business, if possible, ESXi version upgrade will be done before the operation guarantee expires

However, it is actually difficult to upgrade the version It is necessary to carry out the following procedure without error

  • Configuration backup
  • Upgrade vCenter Server
  • Upgrade ESXi hosts (one at a time)      * Set the host virtual machine to 0 with vMotion / DRS      * ESXi host version upgrade      * Next host in order
  • Upgrade of virtual machines and virtual machine appliances

In other words, As long as you can use it as long as possible in the range where you can get the security guarantee **

Check the product lifecycle of VMware vSphere

  • How long will my version be supported?
  • How long will the upgraded version be supported?

It is required to establish an appropriate strategy

How to check the end date of vSphere ESXi support

I will explain how to check the life-cycle.

You can check the lifecycle hit by “VMware lifecycle” in Google search on the page described

Then, you can check the end date of each support The end date as of September 2019 is as described following.


More than a year has passed since the release of vSphere 6.7, but no ESXi version upgrade has been announced. There was a rumor about vSphere7 before vSphere6.7 was announced, but it hasn't been released yet. I personally look forward to hearing about the many features that will be commercialized in vSphere7, but what about Vmware? I would like to hear your opinions about this.

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