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End of support date for Oracle DB extended

It had been extended for one year

Extended Support for Oracle Database Extended by One Year

  • Ends July 31, 2022
    (Before change: July 31, 2021)


Summary of Oracle Database Support End Date

The article explaining each version is also updated at the same time.


End of date has changed 

Not always, but often the end of support may be extended beyond the initial announcement. 
It is same as Oracle Database 11g. 
Oracle provided long-term support for 11g that people could be said to be too long as the end date was extended.

Presentations are always suddenly, so the end of support period needs to be checked regularly.
I also publish many articles summarizing the end of support, so it is very indispensable to check support end of date regularly. I want my articles to be as accurate as possible

These changes are not limited to the Oracle Database, but also to Microsoft. Just recently, there was an announcement of extended support for Windows 7, and Windows XP had announced repeatedly extended support.

There will be many users of Oracle Database this time.
It's hard to say if everyone can migrate to the latest DB 19c immediately, but that's not easy.
When upgrading, not only the DB examination but also the full re-examination including AP / WEB is required, and it is very difficult to prepare the personnel, time and money.
The idea of ​​making a large investment (money) in existing existing systems is difficult to gain the understanding of management, large or small. In addition, personnel (collection of people) is also difficult recently. Under the name of work style reform, it is difficult to work for a long time by optimizing the working hours per person, and above all, it is difficult to recruit people due to rising labor costs.

It is also considered effective to migrate to the cloud in a situation where salting the system has become difficult these days.
Once you move to the cloud and establish operations in the cloud, there is a great possibility that future operations will be easier.

  • Break away from homemade and packaged software and migrate to SaaS apps
  • Use Cloud Managed Service to leave the IaaS / PaaS version up to the cloud
    (Oracle Autonomous Database / Amazon RDS, etc.)

It is great if you can make drastic changes

If Oracle Database is required, it can choose Oracle Cloud Autonomous Database
Oracle Autonomous Database is Oracle Database's Managed Service, users only need to manage DB tables.

  • DB server's OS and cluster are managed by Oracle
  • Tuning is also managed by Oracle
  • Backup also managed by Oracle
  • Version management is also Oracle managed
  • Upgraded automatically
  • You can use All Oracle Database Options Available in single plan
  • Users will be able to focus on table and schema management only


(source :



(with Pictures) How to download CentOS 8 (how to get CentOS8 ISO image)


* CentOS8 was released on September 24, 2019.

Finally, CentOS8 was released.  
Let's download immediately.  



How to download CentOS8 ISO image

Access CentOS download site

CentOS Project


In addition, select the media you want to download.

  • DVD ISO (full image)
  • Minimal ISO (ISO image of the smallest package. Smallest size)
  • Torrent file (Files available with Torrent client software)


Then, the download mirror site will be displayed.  
The URL of the country closest to the current location (inside Japan URL was shown, if you are in Japan) is given priority and displayed at the top, so basically clicking on the URL displayed above will start downloading.   


Downloading on Chrome. 6.6GB


The downloaded ISO file is as follows


Windows Server 2019 Support End of Date is October 2029 (windows server support lifecycle)


Windows client OS support period is basically 10 years from product release.
Windows Server OS had a five-year “mainstream support” and additional five-year “extended support” period.
The main difference point between mainstream support and extended support is whether or not updates are provided for non-security related issues (such as defects).

Windows 2019 support period / support end period list

The following table shows the support status at the time of release of Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2019 version GA date end of mainstream support end of extended support
Windows Server 2019 Nov-13-2018 Sep-10-2024 Oct-9-2029

※ Standard / DataCenter / Essentials all the same

If you want to check your Windows version, you can check it with winver



Microsoft's official URL is as follows



Same as older Windows Server release, windows server 2019 is up to 5 years + 5 years, 10 years support.
How to get the product evaluation version is as mentioned in the following article.

As of this writing, the easiest way to use a Windows Server 2019 is using cloud instance as an evaluation version in Azure.
If you do not have an Azure account, I think that you can create a free account.


[Gen10]HPE ProLiant Supported OS (DL360 Gen10 / DL380 Gen10)

This page lists the operating systems supported (guaranteed) on HPE ProLiant servers
In the latter half of the article, we will also describe how to check on the official page.


DL360 Gen10 / DL380 Gen10 Supported OS

OS Support or Not Memo
Windows Server 2019 Essentials / Standard / DataCenter are supported
Windows Server 2016 Essentials / Standard / DataCenter are supported
Windows Server 2012 R2 ○(exclusive Foundation) Essentials / Standard / DataCenter supported
Windows Server 2012 X non supported
Windows Server 2008 R2 X non supported
Windows Server 2008 X non supported
Windows Server 2003 R2 X non supported
Windows Server 2003 X non supported
OS Supported or Not Memo
RHEL8 ○(8.0 or higher)
RHEL7 ○(7.6 or higher)
OS Supported or Not Memo
ESXi 6.7 6.7 U0 / U1 / U2 / U3
ESXi 6.5
ESXi 6.0 ○(6.0 U3 or higher) U0 / U1 / U2 are non supported
ESXi 5.5 X non supported
ESXi 5.1 X non supported
ESXi 5.0 X non supported

How to run unsupported OS

There is no other way to operate the OS by virtual machine, while Hyper-V has stated that the OS whose Microsoft support has ended does not guarantee operation even if virtual machine.

Take a strategy to implement as a virtual machine on these platforms.
Manufacturers and vendors emphasize the downsides of keeping the old OS, but personally believe that extending the life of legacy systems is unavoidable.
I want to update the OS, but even the vendor that developed the application has ended support, so it is difficult to upgrade the OS version only by the intention of the user company.
Continued use of older OSs in virtualization and IaaS clouds will continue to be the norm.

How to confirm HPE ProLiant server supported OS

Confirmation way is very easy.
Please confirm supportability from the target OS and model from the following URL.

Windows Server Certification and Support | Hewlett Packard Enterprise

This information is open so you don't need to have a support contract or be an HPE partner.


End of date Office 2013 is April 11 2023 (support lifecycle)


Office 2013 support end date, support period ...

Office 2013 will be supported until April 11 2023

Product Lifecycle Start "Mainstream Support" end date "Extended Support" end date Memo
Office 2013 2/25/2014 4/10/2018 4/11/2023 *SP1

It looks like a distant future, but it can be 2023 in no time.
I personally think that the best solution is to switch to Office 365 during this period.
Because Microsoft “Modern Lifecycle Policy” applies to Office 365.
However, since it can be used until 2023, is there any problem for the time being?

How to confirm Office support End of Date

You can check by searching from this URL

Office products support period, support end date list

the support end date including past Office products are following:

Product Lifecycle Start "Mainstream Support" end date "Extended Support" end date Memo
Office 2019 9/24/2018 10/10/2023 10/14/2025
Office 2016 9/22/2015 10/13/2020 10/14/2025
Office 2013 2/25/2014 4/10/2018 4/11/2023 *SP1
Office 2010 7/23/2013 10/13/2015 10/132/020 *SP2
Office 2007 10/25/2011 10/9/2012 10/10/2017 *SP3

You should check "Last Service Pack" date.

Take Office 2007 as an example:

  • Office 2007 was released in 2007, but Service Pack3 (SP3) was released in 2011
  • Office products have a support end date for each service pack
  • If you have applied Office 2007 SP3, you can continue to use it with support until the SP3 support end date.


Oracle DB 19c Support End of Date is March 2026


Product Premier Extended Pathching Ends
19c ( 2023/3/31 2026/3/31 2026/3/31

There is also a proper support period for Oracle Database

  • Premier Support: Full support for 5 years from product shipment
  • Extended Support: Same as or equivalent to Premier Support. Almost fully supported
  • Sustaining Support: Knowledge Base support

Along with application support, the support period of the database software is very important That's because the rare effort of a database administrator (DBA) is taken up by the upgrade. I've never seen an organization with an excellent DBA At best, there are 2-3 people, usually one person in the system, and there are many organizations where there is one person in the whole company and there is no DBA.

Therefore, it is very important to keep the support period of the database software out of control, which is the biggest concern for a single person. Oracle database products are expensive, but at the cost of support costs, maintaining resistance to support is the only resistance as a weak affair.

There is also a proper support period for Oracle Database

  • Premier Support: Full support for 5 years from product shipment
  • Extended Support: Same as or equivalent to Premier Support. Almost fully supported
  • Sustaining Support: Knowledge Base support

Support period / end of support for Oracle DB 19c


All products are listed below, not limited to 19c, but 19c will end product support at the end of March 2026

Product Premier Extended Pathching Ends
19c ( 2023/3/31 2026/3/31 2026/3/31
18c ( to be defined N/A to be defined 2020/11/20 N/A 2020/11/20 2018/7/31 2022/7/31 2022/7/31 2016/8/31 N/A 2016/8/31 2015/1/1 2015/8/27 2015/8/27 2015/8/27 2015/8/27 2015/8/27 2013/10/31 N/A 2013/10/31 2011/9/13 N/A 2011/9/13 2012/8/31 2015/8/31 2015/8/31 N/A 2009/9/18 2010/7/31 2015/7/31 2015/7/31 2010/7 2011/7 2011/7/31

Oracle Database 12c EOL is following:

  • 12.1 : 2021/7/31
  • 12.2 : 2026/3/31

You should remember these

  • 18c and 19c are confusing, but 18c and 19c are 12.2 releases
  • The latest and long-term support version of 12.2 is now 19c

How to confirm official announce? (Oracle's official)

If you can log in to My Oracle Support (MOS), it will be listed in the following document ID

  • English edition
    Release Schedule of Current Database Releases (Document ID 742060.1)
  • Japanese version
    Release schedule for the current database release (Document ID 2413744.1)

If you can't log in to MOS (or what is MOS?), See this URL

Release Schedule of Current Database Releases

Usually only database administrators can access with MOS account, so app developers and vendors can check from the above URL

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End of support date for Oracle DB extended


Had been extended for one additional year

Extended support for Oracle Database extended by one additional year

  • Ends July 31, 2022
    Before extended: July 31, 2021

Oracle Database Support End Date Summary

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