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Oracle Fail Safe deprecated (MSFC-based failover cluster deprecated with Oracle DB 19c)


As the subject says, Oracle Fail Safe, which is provided as a mechanism for an Oracle Database cluster on Windows Failover Cluster (WSFC/MSFC), has been deprecated in Oracle Database 19c.
Please note that features may not be available and may not be available in later releases (such as 20c and later)

Behavior Changes, Deprecated and Desupported Features for Oracle Database

Summary is following

  • Oracle Fail Safe has been deprecated in 19c
  • Oracle Fail Safe will be available until the end of 19c support at the end of March 2026
  • I don't know what will happen after 20c
  • (At this time) "Can be used properly" "Supported properly"
  • Remember this information properly

Oracle Fail Safe has been deprecated in 19c

What is Oracle Fail Safe?
Oracle Fail Safe is one of the methods used when building an HA cluster of Oracle Database.
The database is protected by utilizing the Windows Server OS standard failover cluster, and since Oracle clusterware (Grid Infrastructure) is not used, no additional options for RAC or RAC One Node are required.
Therefore, it is used only under the conditions of "small scale, Windows Server, allow downtime of about 5 minutes, and want to reduce budget".
However, in reality, the combination of Windows Server + Oracle Database is overflowing all over the world, so I expect that it will be used everywhere in the world.

"Features Deprecated in Oracle Database 19c" in the Oracle Database 19c Release Notes states "Deprecated Oracle Fail Safe"

Oracle Fail Safe is deprecated as of Oracle Database 19c. It can be desupported and unavailable in a future release.

Oracle recommends that you evaluate other single-node failover options, such as Oracle RAC One Node.

Behavior Changes, Deprecated and Desupported Features for Oracle Database

Obviously, Oracle Database 18c and earlier releases have been using it without any problems, at least up to 19c is deprecated but usable .

Until when we can use Oracle Fail Safe?

It's difficult to express, but How long can I use Oracle Fail Safe? is not it.
You can think of this as the same as the Oracle Database 19c end of support date.

  • End of March 2026

What is deprecated? We can't use that fanction?

The problem is the meaning of deprecated .
Just because it's deprecated doesn't mean you shouldn't use it. Of course it is possible to use.
Just because it's deprecated doesn't mean you can't get support from Oracle. Of course it will be supported.

  • Not recommended, but "can be used properly" and "supported properly"
  • Avoid "actively using" for new system and new package software development Assuming another cluster software (Oracle RAC / RAC One Node)
  • (But it may not provide perfect support ... depending on Oracle's intention)

It means "I will prohibit active use in the future." If you are developing a new package software that uses Oracle Database, you definitely don't want it to be used.

The following is clearly stated on the Oracle page as well.

As part of your upgrade plan, review the deprecated features in this Oracle Database release and see alternatives to your application strategy.


As part of your upgrade plan, review the features that are deprecated in this Oracle Database release, and review alternatives for your application strategies.

What I think from the deprecated information in Oracle Fail Safe

How should we perceive this information as a solitary system?
Solitary Sith does not develop applications by himself.
(Embarrassingly) I will leave all (some or almost all) to an external vendor with package software.

  • Recognize that Oracle Fail Safe has been deprecated
  • In the future, we will stop whether the vendor's proposal is premised on using Oracle Fail Safe.
  • Keep in mind that you will have to pay Oracle (not the vendor) a huge additional cost in the future.

"Pay additional costs to Oracle in the future" refers to quitting Oracle Fail Safe and migrating to Oracle RAC or RAC One Node.
RAC as well as build work is an optional product of the RAC One Node Oracle Database.
The cost burden is not small because the product license cost rises.
I'm not fooling you as Oracle, but let the vendor properly disclose the information.

Support policy for Oracle DB products running on VMware

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