Describe about product life cycle. For example, Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, etc.

Support policy for Oracle DB products running on VMware


Finally, Oracle has stated that it will work with VMware products.
MOS has been updated soberly.

  • Support Position for Oracle Products Running on VMWare Virtualized Environments (Doc ID 249212.1)

Oracle Database Servers that are running in a VMware virtualized environment, you can get help from Oracle

Even if these products are running in a VMWare virtualized environment, you can still get help from Oracle

It is clearly specified! ! !

Until now, Oracle's policy was to not support operation in a VMware environment The response can be done with devils, but it was said that "I will not investigate unless Oracle bugs on VMware can be reproduced on physical servers" It's a very big thing because I've stated that I'm going to support it as described above

The impact of this change in support policy is not small

If there is a problem with Oracle Database running on VMware ESXi, it means that Oracle support will respond properly.

  • Even if these products are running in a VMWare virtualized environment, you can get assistance from Oracle

Because it is described as above, it means that it will respond properly to obstacles.

Large users in particular will not be significantly affected because they run on high-end hardware such as Exadata + Oracle DB Enterprise Edition.

On the other hand, the infrastructure with the database of small and medium environment will be affected.
In particular, VMware cluster + Widnows virtual machine + Oracle SE2 single instance (or SE RAC) is a common configuration.

  • Virtual machines on Vmware ESXi Cluster that are isolated due to license measures
  • Virtual machines, especially Windows Server + SE2 Singile instances

Is also reasonable in terms of licensing costs, so if it is supported properly, SIers who have been hesitant to introduce will be able to propose all.
HPE / DELL seems to be actively hiring.
It has been done so well for Oracle.
On the other hand, Nutanix AHV is a little worse.
Hyper-V has been officially supported by Oracle for some time (although it seems to be in line with Oracle because it has affinity with Windows), but with the recent HCI boom, the Hyper-V cluster has become a little lower. Nutanix, on the other hand, is doing well.
If the Nutanix AHV is no longer officially supported by Oracle, other companies' HCI (vxrail / SimpliVity) may have come to the fore.

On the other hand, the license policy remains unchanged

As usual, it is unlikely that licensing costs will be cheaper with VMware when virtualized.
Note that this has not changed at all.
Oracle VM (including Exadata) is still the only virtualized product that has a licensing advantage.

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