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Oracle Database Price List (List Price)

When estimating the cost of an IT project, it is essential to mention various infrastructure costs.
For example,

  • Cloud usage fee
  • Hardware costs
  • Software costs

In this article, I will write about Oracle Database's List Price that make up a large amount of software cost.

Oracle Database List Price

  • Price as of February 29, 2020 (Refer to the official document below for exact information)
Database Product Processor License Named User Plus
Standard Edition 2 USD 17,500 USD 350
Enterprise Edition USD 47,500 USD 950
Personal Edition - USD 460
Mobile Server USD 23,000 -
NoSQL Database Enterprise Edition USD 10,000 USD 200

How to confirm Oracle Database Product Price

You can check the price of Oracle Database from this URL.


These price list might be change by Oracle Corporation.
In some cases, the price may rise in the continental United States due to inflation in the United States itself.
Please use this page as a just reference for information. If you need accurate information, be sure to check the regular price list, or contact your Oracle Database distributor or Oracle Corporation to request a regular estimate.

Oracle Database Enterprise Option price list

Following is a list of prices of optional products.

Enterprise Options Processor License Named User Plus
Multitenant USD USD
Real Application Clusters USD USD
Real Application Clusters One Node USD USD
Active Data Guard USD USD
Partitioning USD USD
Real Application Testing USD USD
Advanced Compression USD USD
Advanced Security USD USD
Label Security USD USD
Database Vault USD USD
Times Ten Application-Tier Database Cache USD USD
Database In-Memory USD USD
Diagnostics Pack USD USD
Tuning Pack USD USD
Database Lifecycle Management Pack USD USD
Data Masking and Subsetting Pack USD USD
Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Database USD USD

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