Describe about product life cycle. For example, Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, etc.

End of support date for Oracle DB extended

It had been extended for one year

Extended Support for Oracle Database Extended by One Year

  • Ends July 31, 2022
    (Before change: July 31, 2021)


Summary of Oracle Database Support End Date

The article explaining each version is also updated at the same time.


End of date has changed 

Not always, but often the end of support may be extended beyond the initial announcement. 
It is same as Oracle Database 11g. 
Oracle provided long-term support for 11g that people could be said to be too long as the end date was extended.

Presentations are always suddenly, so the end of support period needs to be checked regularly.
I also publish many articles summarizing the end of support, so it is very indispensable to check support end of date regularly. I want my articles to be as accurate as possible

These changes are not limited to the Oracle Database, but also to Microsoft. Just recently, there was an announcement of extended support for Windows 7, and Windows XP had announced repeatedly extended support.

There will be many users of Oracle Database this time.
It's hard to say if everyone can migrate to the latest DB 19c immediately, but that's not easy.
When upgrading, not only the DB examination but also the full re-examination including AP / WEB is required, and it is very difficult to prepare the personnel, time and money.
The idea of ​​making a large investment (money) in existing existing systems is difficult to gain the understanding of management, large or small. In addition, personnel (collection of people) is also difficult recently. Under the name of work style reform, it is difficult to work for a long time by optimizing the working hours per person, and above all, it is difficult to recruit people due to rising labor costs.

It is also considered effective to migrate to the cloud in a situation where salting the system has become difficult these days.
Once you move to the cloud and establish operations in the cloud, there is a great possibility that future operations will be easier.

  • Break away from homemade and packaged software and migrate to SaaS apps
  • Use Cloud Managed Service to leave the IaaS / PaaS version up to the cloud
    (Oracle Autonomous Database / Amazon RDS, etc.)

It is great if you can make drastic changes

If Oracle Database is required, it can choose Oracle Cloud Autonomous Database
Oracle Autonomous Database is Oracle Database's Managed Service, users only need to manage DB tables.

  • DB server's OS and cluster are managed by Oracle
  • Tuning is also managed by Oracle
  • Backup also managed by Oracle
  • Version management is also Oracle managed
  • Upgraded automatically
  • You can use All Oracle Database Options Available in single plan
  • Users will be able to focus on table and schema management only


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