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Oracle Cloud Free Tier Spec (Free Tire Performance, OCPU)

Describes virtual machine specifications of Oracle Cloud Always Free

Virtual machine specifications for free usage tier

The Free Tire virtual machine is "VM.Standard.E2.1.Micro"

  • 1/8 OCPU
  • 1GB Memory
  • 1 Public IP Address (&480MBps)

The Official information is following

Details of the Always Free Resources
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Details of the Always Free Compute instance
Shape: VM.Standard.E2.1.Micro
Processor: 1/8th of an OCPU with the ability to use additional CPU resources
Memory: 1 GB
Networking: Includes one with one public IP address and up to 480 Mbps network bandwidth

Operating System: Your choice of one of the following Always Free-eligible operating systems:
Oracle Linux
Canonical Ubuntu Linux
CentOS Linux

Please check the official information carefully before using

Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud has a free service that is always available and is called Free Tire.

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Announcement of the Oracle Cloud free tier took place at the 2019 Oracle Open World.
Larry Ellison of Oracle CTO of the United States announced that it was one of the key topics of the keynote address, but I was reading a great response because the Oracle Database was low-spec but available for free and in the cloud.
It seems that the response was particularly great in Japan, which is aiming for widespread use. The use of the free quota seems to be very active in the Tokyo Region since its announcement. The cloud tends to accumulate know-how as soon as the account is explained, so it seems better to check the status of the community around the Oracle cloud in the future.

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As a free tier

  • 2 instances of Oracle Autonomous Database (Managed Service of Oracle Database Enterprise Edition)
  • 2 virtual machine instances (specifications are listed at the top of this page)
  • These will be available forever for free

Is provided

Above all, Oracle Database (Autonomous Database) is big. Can be used for learning or developing Oracle Database.
There may be a tendency for university researchers to start using it again.
Now Oracle Database is becoming a symbol of legacy IT, and it is becoming an image that experienced engineers are using Oracle.
Young people would have had AWS at the time of college student and the cloud is a natural (just cloud native) generation.

I want students in charge of future IT to use as much as possible.
If you think so, you can expect it in the future.

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